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Dream A Dream…

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For your dreams to come true, you need to first know exactly what they are, before you can even start working towards in achieving them.

Living in an era that accelerates processes and emphasizes the present, makes it difficult to know what one can expect in the future. In fact, “future” is no longer a 20 or 50 years later event. We are probably talking about 2 to 5 years. What is considerably good that we can aim to receive 20 years down the road? Until we determine that, how else can we work or pine for our dreams to come true.

Unless one has a childhood dream that continuously resonate as the he grows up, it is not surprising to change ambitions along the way.  Rock stars, super models and celebrity chefs are high profiled aspirations gleaned from watching the telly. Whichever is the highest rating program will determine the top aspired profession to be. But how do we work towards being a sensational star? What’s the magic formula? Sugar, spice and everything nice are just not sufficient. There still has to be a Chemical X to be added to the mixture. Of course, one still need a smile from Lady Luck to be a shining star on cloud 9.  What happen to “determination and “hard work”? Apparently, being determined is not good enough and hard work will just be hard work.

Coming back to first having to setting the dream, what is really a worthy dream to have? Are successful career, spouse and family, materialistic possessions and the combination of them still the post-modernist’s dreams?  I think many of us might have stopped dreaming. The hustle of daily routines and datelines has probably demolished any castles in the air.  The occasional reward of an extended holiday and a few pairs of branded shoes kept us all herding towards the cliff of mid-life crisis.

One day, the proverbial alarm clock will hopefully ring and we will wake up with a train of thoughts – Am I happy? What do I really want? Can I run away from where I am to where I want to be? For many, they might fall back to the routine slumber. For some, they will finally take charge of their lives and charged towards their goals. Unfortunately, that might mean to give up their long established career, family and possessions. That is a tough or even harsh thing to do but it might be the right thing to do. It is very debateable and highly dependent on the responsibility quotient.

How about leaning against the philosophical column? Being happy, loved and contented shall be the mantra! Unless you want a dream painted in pastel colours, I say that is just not good enough to sustain the fire from burning.

Is there such a thing as a bad dream or a wrong dream to have? Moral or religious influence might cast a huge shadow in some areas that it seems better to die to those dreams than to attempt to even take a sniff of them, unless your ultimate dream is to be an outcast of your current society.

Having said all the above, it seems like a chore to have a dream and yet a curse not to have one. I guess I can only dream to have dreams…come true!