Monthly Archives: June 2016


First Winter Snow

With a divine stroke,

Two individuals were brought together.

When the ice broke,

They found a friend in each other.


It’s amazing how quick and strong the bonds were built.

Shared laughter, related interests and common obstacles helped foster the guild.


Soon the sparkles dimmed and reach a constant.

But true relationships should endure the toughest moment.


One day in an open discussion,

A difference in beliefs challenges a status quo.

Out came words and confrontation,

That seemed so blizzardy cold.


The sudden mismatch of expectations…

The attempts to spell out logical explanations…


So what should the two do?

At this point they can’t just let the winds uninterruptedly blow.

But the skies have yet to open for the first winter snow.


Seasons come and go.

Are there any true stories of eternity ever told?

Should both be left with only what their history manage to hold?


Have the past investment of time and resources been all a waste?

Both could be entering into a new phase?

And it should not amaze!

Just hope that the process can be wrapped in kindness and grace.


Come what may and let it go.

They’re not just titles of song sang by pro.

The lyrics describe life’s intricacies and the melodies rightly echo.


Wait… It may not be all over.

After all, nothing lasts forever.

Hope for that moment that replicates their wonderful beginning.

Pray for faith that carries both into the same understanding.