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Currently based in multi-cultural Sydney, John V. Orange is exploring various writing opportunities as he takes in the sights and sounds of this Great land Down Under. Prior to his relocation to Australia, he was living in Asia Pacific’s Little Red Dot. While he was keeping up with the dynamic pace in Singapore, John carved himself a career in Marketing, even though his prior training was in Science and Engineering. John also had a stint in Bangkok, the Land of Thousand Smiles. Ever since, Thailand’s charms have him travelling back countless times.

As John travels frequently and multilingual, he could break down any initial language barriers and communicate effectively. Thus, he has the opportunities to explore into the diversed cultures of the world.

As he has been trained in various industries and an info-junkie, he is qualified to write on a great spectrum of subjects from technical review to business insight to cultural expository and to even advertising copy.

In these pages, John would like to document his writings and sharpen his proverbial pen to fight the next battle.